Programming isn't Hard

Programming isn't hard, it’s just extremely poorly explained and documented.

— Heydon (@heydonworks) May 16, 2021

Nailed it.

Heydon’s being a bit silly and provocative again, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t make a very good point.

I only bring this up because it caused me to reflect on something I’ve belived for a long time: anyone can learn to program. What separates programmers from non-programmers isn’t anything special about their brains, it’s the choice to spend the time on learning to write code.

We all end up choosing to spend our time and energy learning some skills at the expense of others. Some of us focus on making music, or writing, others focus on understanding the fundamental forces that make up the universe as we know it, or teaching subsequent generations what we’ve learned thus far.

And then there are those of us that fritter away our time learning to make computers do silly tricks. ✋